What is Smile Orphanage? | An orphanage in Pakistan

Smile Orphanage is a subsidiary of One Vision Society. One Vision Society is a faith-based national relief and social development nonprofit organization established in 2018 and was registered on 1 February 2023 under the Societies’ Registration Act XXI of 1860 at the Office of the Provincial Registrar Joint Stock Companies & Societies, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), and with the Government of the Punjab. At Smile Orphanage what we do is simple but powerful – we just take the children with parents and love them like a parents. 

Imagine a child being like raw clay, ready to be shaped into any form. Children are these innocent and truthful beings who absolutely deserve our love, respect, and the right to education. Unfortunately, there are millions of orphan children out there who don’t have the support, care, or even a roof over their heads.

These kids face a myriad of problems, from trafficking and child labor to abuse and begging. It’s heartbreaking to hear these stories every day. Some end up in bad company or fall into drug addiction, while others suffer from lack of food, dirty water, and underweight issues due to financial constraints.

Now, let’s talk about the rights of these orphans. Education is a fundamental right for every child from the moment they’re born. It’s crucial to ensure they get proper education in a healthy environment, giving them the confidence to lead a normal life in society.

I love that Matthew 19:14 reminds us that the Kingdom of heaven belongs to those who are childlike—truthful, pure-hearted, and innocent. It’s our responsibility to care for these children, not just for their sake but also for the sake of the Lord.

Many orphanages in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad even whole Pakistan and worldwide are doing incredible work, but there’s still much to be done. We need to open our eyes to the hungry children around us, working in hotels and laboring for basic necessities. These kids are just like we were in childhood; let’s consider them as our own.

I would like to let you know what One Vision Society is doing by taken the burden of neglected children on their shoulders and started Smile Orphanage. Our vision is simple but powerful: to see smiles on the faces of orphans. We are creating a homely, Christian educational environment to provide these kids with not just food and shelter but also strong moral values and education.

However, we need your help. The Smile Orphanage project was meant to start in 2019, but due to limited resources, it was been a bit delayed. But God provided resources and we raised funds, and officially started the Smile Orphanage in 2020. If you feel moved to make a difference in all these kids’ lives, I urge you to join hands with Smile Orphanage. Together, we can bring hope to the hopeless and put smiles on those sad faces. Let’s make a positive impact on these young lives and create a better future together.

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We have some kids in urgent need of basic necessities

3 year old
This is little girl named Kainat, she is just 3 years old, need nourishing food, warm cloths and other basic child caring things. Suppprt Now!
6 years old
This is little girl named Natasha , she is just 6 years old living at Smile Orphanage since last 1 year, need your support now!
9 years old
This is little girl named Natalia, she is just 9 years old. She need financial assistance to achieve the goal she have in the heart.
Sahil Rafiq
Sahil Rafiq
13 years old
This is little boy named Sahil Rafiq , he is just 13 years old boy dreaming for bright future here in Smile Orphanage. Need Your help!
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